Sitting, lift foot

Description & Directions

"Sit with your hands in your lap, and lift your foot 1 inch off the floor two times."

Perform on the least involved, stronger, or dominant side; ensure they lift the foot twice at least 1 inch. Assign a score.

Sitting, lift foot Scoring

Score Description Selected Example



Performance normal.


Verbal cues/increased time

Performance is slower than normal, even with repeated attempt.


Upper extremity support

On two attempts, still needs to use hand(s) on second lift attempt to complete.


Needs assistance

Needs min A to lift foot the prescribed 1 inch off floor.



Requires total assist to perform.

Common questions about Sitting, lift foot

  • If the patient attempts without hands and has a loss of balance, can you perform a second trial where you encourage them to use their hands? Yes. You want the best overall performance you can get from the patient. If you think they might be able to complete the task if they use their hands, you may prompt them to as long as you score them appropriately.

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