Sitting, Shake 'no'

Description & Directions

"Remain sitting steady and tall without using your hands unless you need them for balance. When I tell you to "look right," keep sitting straight, but turn your head to the right. Keep looking right until I tell you "look left," then keep sitting straight and turn your head to the left. Keep your head to the left until I tell you "look straight," then keep sitting straight but return your head to the center."

Ensure the patient has rotated their head in both directions through their available range of motion. Assign a score.

Sitting, Shake 'no' Scoring

Score Description Selected Example



Normal performance


Verbal cues/increased time

Repeatedly needs cueing to rotate head fully, even in just one direction.


Upper extremity support

Can perform right cervical rotation fully, but for left cervical rotation must use hand, even on 2nd attempt.


Needs assistance

Requires min A to maintain upright balance during rotation.



Requires total A to perform task.

Common Questions about Sitting, Shake 'no' item

  • Can I ask the patient to perform the task a second time? Yes. Be sure if the patient requires verbal cues to complete the task that this is accounted in the final score you assign.

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