Turn for object behind

Description & Directions

"Turn around and pick up this object that I've placed behind you."

Show the patient the object. Use something lightweight and easy to grasp, like a small retractable tape measure, a watch, or a pen.

Place object one hand's breadth (fingertip to base of palm) posterior to hips.

The purpose of this test item is to have the patient rotate their trunk and move their arm while maintaining their balance. The patient should not be allowed to blindly reach behind to find the object or to use shoulder internal rotation to swipe at the object.

The patient may turn to their preferred side and use either arm to pick up the object. If the patient needs cues to problem solve how to perform the task, adjust the score accordingly.

Turn for Object Behind Scoring

Score Description Selected Example
 4 Independent Normal performance.
 3 Verbal cues/increased time Requires cues to rotate trunk to reach item, otherwise performance is normal.
 2 Upper extremity support Must use hand(s) to stabilize self to achieve trunk rotation.
 1 Needs assistance Mod A required to turn and reach for object.
 0 Dependent Cannot fully turn or reach for object without total assistance.

Common questions for Turn for Object Behind

  •  Can the patient fish for the object using their hand behind their back without performing trunk rotation? No. The purpose of this item is for the patient to balance with trunk rotation and arm movement.  If they require cues or assistance to rotate during this item, their score should be adjusted accordingly.

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