Research Collaboration

There is an active research agenda underway involving the FIST. The following projects are currently in progress.  If your facility would like more information on potential research collaborations, please get in touch with the contact person listed below.

  • Determination of FIST cut-off score for fall risk determination
    • This study is in the planning stages, please contact Dr. Sharon Gorman ( if you are interested in collaborating.
    • This will most likely be a multi-center study looking at the relationship of FIST scores and established fall risk tools to determine if a FIST cut-off score for fall risk can be described. Population of interest will most likely be hospital or skilled nursing based.
  • Adaptation of the FIST for persons with spinal cord injury
    • This study is in the planning stages at a partner institution.
    • This will explore adaptations to the FIST items to suit the specific needs in persons with spinal cord injury, and the reliability and validity of these adaptations. Population will be those with stable, chronic spinal cord injury. 

If you or your facility would like to collaborate on another project using the FIST, please contact us to discuss future opportunities and collaborations.

[updated 3/23/17]

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