When administering the FIST, remember...

  • FIST overall description
    • Give your patient the general description of the test at the start.
  • Patient position
    • Correct the patient's position and reposition as needed before moving onto the next item.
  • Examiner position
    • Position yourself to ensure patient safety and allow you to assist as the patient as needed.
  • Item directions
    • Describe and demonstrate each test item before scoring the patient's performance.
  • Scoring criteria
    • 0 to 4 score for each item
    • Record physical assistance level if scoring item as 1
      • min, mod, or max A

The following written resources are available for you to download. 

You've completed training in the administration of the FIST. Congratulations!

Proceed to the post-training quiz to verify your understanding and assess your competency.