Beware of Phishing Scams

Please be advised that many illegitimate email messages are sent to SMU account holders with variations of the subject line: Subject: ALERT! or Subject: Your package is available for pickup.  These phishing schemes are attempts to steal your personal information through legitimate-looking email messages, and initiate viruses through the .zip files with executable extensions of .exe.  The messages urge recipients to reply by email and include their SMU password and other personal information.

Neither SMU nor ITS will ever request that you submit personal information, including any passwords, over email.

When you receive questionable email, be sure to examine the email header and the Reply-to address.  Most of the phishing email that SMU account holders receive is sent from commercial email addresses, such as

ITS will never send you email from a non-SMU email address.

If you have responded to a phishing scheme by submitting information about your SMU password, you should immediately go to to change your SMU password.  If you are unable to change your SMU password, contact the ITS Help Desk at 510.907.2555 as soon as possible

To report a possible phishing attempt, forward the email to  To report spam (or unwanted advertising), send the email to


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