New Services (2-23-16)

The IT Service Desk is excited to announce two new services:

1. Extended Service Hours!

We have extended our service hours to provide 24/7 on demand, expert advising on many of the applications and devices you use every day. For example,

Microsoft Products
MS Office Suite
Office 365 SharePoint
Adobe Products
Devices & Tablets
Apple iOS

For after hours assistance, call: (510)907-2555, press 6.

2. Self-Service Password Reset!

If you are locked out from SMU resources due to a password problem, you can now reset your password without having to call the IT Service Desk.

The one prerequisite is that you set up your password reset options beforehand. When setting up your password reset options, you select where to receive a special verification code, e.g. email or SMS text. To learn how, view the Set-up Password Options tutorial.


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