SharePoint is on point at Samuel Merritt University

Find it!
  • Open your browser and type in the address field while on campus, or via VPN.  We recommend using IE.
  • From any MS Office Application, File > Save & Send > Save to SharePoint.
  • From QuickLaunch, Community > OnPoint
Learn it!
  • To learn about SharePoint on campus, go to the SharePoint Information and Resources site. You’ll find information about this initiative including, the implementation and training calendars, on-demand tutorials and other helpful links.
  • We are offering two 90-minute instructor-led sessions; one on the basics and the other for site owners. Check out the resource site to learn more, or register: click here.
Use it!

OnPoint replaces the shared F:drive and is available to all employees of Samuel Merritt University. Store the files you share with members of your program, department, division here,

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a technology platform that enables organizations to improve business efficiency and team productivity. SharePoint helps teams stay connected and productive by providing an infrastructure that allows easy access to people, documents, and information. Content in SharePoint is organized around sites, libraries, and lists.

With SharePoint, teams can

  • Create sites to share information,  co-author documents, review documents, and track versions;
  • Store files in a shared library, discuss ideas;  coordinate projects, share calendars, schedules;
  • Build task lists, data lists; customize views; and much more…

Why transition to SharePoint?

SharePoint provides options to (a) improve efficiency with locating documents and information; (b) enhance and facilitate collaboration; and (c) encourage and support paperless operations.

What to expect during the transition?

We have developed a roll out plan intended to move all departments to SharePoint by the end of this year. The focus of this phase, Phase I, is on three fundamental tasks:

  • Moving content,
  • Site design, and
  • Basic SharePoint training.

What’s Next?

Once the transition from the F:drive is complete, we’ll move on to Phase 2. The focus of Phase 2 will be on continued education and adoption, including ongoing development (documentation and tutorials), more in depth training, and community/social outreach (e.g., a blog/vlog, best practices, knowledge sharing etc.). Phase 2 will also include refining your site design.

Request more information

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