SMU's Enterprise Instant Messaging System

Many of us are familiar with social networking tools such as MSN, ICQ, AOL, Yahoo, and Skype. Another popular online service component is Instant messaging (IM). Many people in the community have inquired on how to integrate IM within education without it disrupting work time.

Office Communicator provides many of the same rich features as Yahoo, Skype and others. Integration with programs across the 2007 Microsoft Office system - including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and Outlook - give SMU users different ways to communicate via a consistent and simple user experience.  Users have the ability to share files with one another, IM, voice and video mailing, and view user's current availability status. Users can launch the program and login using their SMU username and password. You can add internal staff/faculty contacts by using their SMU email address. Attached to this email is a quick reference guide on using the system, some of the features that are listed in the quick reference guide will not be available until the fall of this year.

Office Communicator was deployed to the SMU community in the Summer of 09 to all faculty and staff Windows-based desktop computers and laptops. It has also been included in the standard image for all newly deployed systems, and YES, the client is MAC friendly. Later this year we plan to enhance the system to include many new tools to be used by all in the community. Here is a look at the Office Communicator interface. The design resembles the popular IM software like MSN and Yahoo Messenger:

Screenshot of Office CommunicatorScreenshot of Office Communicator

If you are unsure if you have the client installed on your system do the following steps to verify:

1. Click on Start
2. Click on Programs

Locate Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 Icon

If you have any questions about the messaging system please contact the Network Services team at 510.250.4192 or via email at

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