Wireless Network Continues to Get Better and Faster

Service improvements include: the ability to roam between buildings, easily connect to wireless networks, and increased coverage area. We made several significant enhancements to our wireless network this fall. You can now roam between buildings with your laptop without being prompted to login again to the network. Authentication may still be required if your computer has been turned off for more than 20 minutes.

Many more wireless access points have been installed in the Bechtel Library, L-Level, the Anatomy Lab, and the Basic Sciences Lab. The additional access points offer the capability of many more connections, and you will find the service faster and easier to connect to. Please contact the IT Helpdesk to notify us of any campus locations where wireless service is problematic for you.

We have simplified the process for accessing our wireless network. A new network name is now available - just look for SMU-WiFi in your computer's list of available wireless networks. No security key is necessary - once you connect you will be redirected to the wireless authentication page, use your SMU credentials to gain access to the internet.

SMUGuestNet is a new guest network for guests that visit our campuses. The guest network is a network designed to give immediate access to the internet.


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