About Your SMU Login

Congratulations and welcome to Samuel Merritt University!  As a member of our educational community, you are granted access to SMU's information resources through your SMU login.  Please take a moment to review this document to better understand how to initiate and maintain your access.


This is my first time attending Samuel Merritt University You will receive an email with subject: "Samuel Merritt University Computer Login Information".  This will provide you with your username, email address, and instructions for getting started.
I am a returning student and I remember my username To reactivate you account, please reset your password.  Through this process, a validation code will be sent to your personal email address.  Click here to get started and follow the steps shown to complete the password reset process.
I am a returning student and I forgot my username Please contact the SMU IT Service Desk for assistance:  support@samuelmerritt.edu or 510-907-2555


Who is Eligible? All currently enrolled students, students admitted to upcoming enrollment periods, and graduates of SMU degree programs, have active logins.
Information Security

Once you receive your username and initial password, it is important that you set a personal password for yourself.  This may be done conveniently from any web browser or mobile device.  See How

Once set, your password will expire in one year.   You may reset your password at any time.  Changing passwords regularly will help assure your personal information is secure.

With single-sign-on access to confidential personal, academic, financial, and health information, it is critical that you keep your login information private.  DO NOT SHARE YOUR LOGIN INFORMATION WITH ANYONE!

Your Account Identity

Student login and email addresses are based on the student's preferred first name and last name.  User names have a maximum length of 16 characters.

Official last name or preferred first name changes may be submitted to the Office of the Registar at any time.  Once processed, your display name will automatically be updated in our systems.  However, your username and email address will remain the same as was originally assigned.

Access Policies Student logins are deactivated upon withdraw, dismissal or completion of non-degree track courses.  Graduates of SMU may continue to use their email addresses indefinitely.  Some resources for alumni however are limited - such as restricted library research databases.

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