Access to Lawson eSelf Service from Off Campus

Effective Aug. 1, 2014, Sutter Health has implemented an improved, secure solution to access Lawson eSelf Service when outside the Sutter Health and SMU networks.

The solution will require employees to register for additional verification to access Lawson eSelf Service remotely.  A secondary verification code will be delivered via telephone (voice or text) to the user each time he or she logs in to Lawson eSelf Service.

Step1: Secure Auth Registration (One-time)

To register your phone:

  • Registration may be completed online at if you are connected to the Sutter Health or SMU network, or connected via VPN.
  • Registration from Off Campus may be completed by calling Sutter Health Service Desk at 1‑888‑888‑6044 (option 5)

Please be prepared to provide the following:

  • Your Sutter Health username and password
  • Your Sutter Health employee id number
  • A phone number to receive your single-use password.

Please Note:

  • You can register any cell phone and/or any land line.
  • You must be able to receive calls or text messages on the registered phone when logging in to Lawson eSelf Service outside the Sutter Health or SMU network.
  • Registering a second phone is optional. A second phone can be a home phone, second cell phone or any land line.

Step-by-Step instructions for the Secure Auth phone registration process


Step 2: Logging in to Lawson eSelf Service


  1. Go to Lawson eSelf Service on the web:




  1. When you log in to Lawson eSelf Service you will be asked to enter your Sutter Health username and password

  1. Select the phone number and the method you wish to receive your one-time password.

  1. You will receive a voice call or text message containing a six-digit one-time password.

  1. After receiving your one-time password on your phone, enter it into the ‘One Time Password: field.

  1. You will then be able to login to Lawson eSelf Service.

Each time you access Lawson eSelf Service outside the Sutter Health or SMU network, you will be required to enter your username/password and a single-use password. If you are directly connected to the Sutter or SMU network you will not be required to use the new strong authentication feature.​

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