Archiving email in Outlook 2010

Archiving email in Outlook 2010

In Outlook, Click File


Click ‘Cleanup tools’ and choose ‘Archive’




Select the email folder you want to archive, to archive your entire mailbox, choose your email address at the top

Select the date you want to archive from

Browse to the folder you want to create the archive
(Recommendation: Navigate to C:\users\(your name) and create a folder called ‘email archives)

Give the archive a name that will help you identify the archive.  Then click ‘ok’ to create the archive.

If you click on the ‘Home’ tab, you can see the archiving in progress

When Archiving finishes, you will be able to find your archive below your main mailbox, labeled ‘Archives’.
Right-click on ‘Archives’, choose ‘Data File Properties’

Choose ‘Advanced’




Change ‘Archives’ to a more meaningful name.  Click ‘Apply’ and then ‘Ok’.


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