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Connecting to Network Printers (Mac)

Launch System Preferences, click Print and Fax Utility and click the + button.

Click the IP icon in the top margin of the window

At the 'Protocol' line - click the dropdown and select 'HP jetdirect - Socket'
At the 'address' line - enter the ip address for the printer
At the 'name' line - change the line to give your printer a name
Click 'Add'

(note: once you enter the ip address of the printer, Mac OSX will attempt to connect to the printer and determine the correct protocol and driver to use with the printer)


You will now see the printer you added in the Printer &Fax window
Highlight the printer and (option) +click (right-click) to select the printer as default

While the printer is highlighted, you can click the 'Options & Supplies' button
Then click the 'Drivers' tab to change the printer driver  (use the dropdown menu)

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