Connecting to SMU network drives on a Mac


  1. Click on the finder icon on the desktop doc to get the finder menu
  2. Click on Go > Connect to server
  3. Type SMB://(servername)/(directory) , example (smerritt/data)
  4. Click Connect
  5. Login to the SMU network using your network credentials
  6. The network directory window will now appear
  7. To create a permanent drive map, click on the finder icon again, choose Go > Connect to server to get the server list, and click + to add the directory to the Favorite Servers list

You can access the windows network from your desk or off campus the same way that a windows user would.

  1. Make sure you have access to the internet (either docked at your desk or through the wireless network)
  2. If you are off campus or connected to the wireless network – connect through VPN
  3. Click on the finder icon and click Go > Connect to server
  4. Highlight the directory in your favorites list and click Connect
  5. Login to the windows network using your SMU credentials

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