Connecting to 'smu_lawn' via Mac OS

Click on the Airport utility (top right hand corner) and select 'Open Network Preferences…'

Click 'Advanced…'

If you see smu_lawn, smu_lawn_sac or smu_lawn_san; select it and click the '-' button to remove it.

Select 802.1X and select any profiles associated with smu_lawn, smu_lawn_san or smu_lawn_sac.
Then click the '-' button to remove them.
Select 'Ok'

*Please note that this area will be grayed out if you're on a newer Mac OS. You can skip this step.

Click 'Apply'

To the right of 'Network Name' select 'Join Other Networks' from the drop down menu.

Enter the below information.

Network Name: smu_lawn
Security: WPA2 Enterprise
User Name: first.last
Password: your SMU password
802.1X: Automatic (this field may not be available on a newer Mac OS)

Make sure 'Remember this network' is checked and click 'Join'.

Please note the following couple of steps may not be present if your Mac OS is newer (10.8 or higher). If so, move on to the next step.


Click 'Continue' to Verify Certificate. This is a trusted certificate that'll be stored on your computer and allow authentication with our server. It's a one-time acceptance that'll allow future connections to our wireless network.

You will need to enter your local Mac username and password that has administrator rights. Then click 'OK'.

You should now be connected to smu_lawn.
If not, be sure that Network Name = smu_lawn.
Click 'Connect'. If the process appears to be stuck, click 'Disconnect' and 'Connect'.

Request more information

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