How-to Certify Employee Access to Sutter Health Epic EHR


Each quarter Sutter Health requires employees with access to the Epic HER system to be certified electronically by the supervisor.  Occasionally, SMU faculty members working in Sutter Health affiliated clinical sites are granted access to Epic.  By default, these individuals are assigned under the supervision of their respective SMU Program Deans and Chairs. Individuals assigned as supervisors receive a quarterly email message with subject containing:  ACTION REQUIRED – Epic Periodic Access Review


  1. To follow these instructions, use Firefox web browser
  2. Go to:
  3. Since this SSL site does not use an SSL certificate, you would need to trust the site.
    1. Click ‘I understand the risks’
    2. Add Exception…
    3. Confirm Security Exception


  1. When prompted, enter your Sutter Health username and password




  1. Sign in to the I&AM website using the same Sutter Health user name and password.  Your SMU username will not work.  Note: please TYPE your password, as 'cut and paste' will not work for this site.

  1. Once you have logged in, click on ‘Actions’ and select ‘My Certifications’
  2. Click on the Certification Name from the list




  1. Click the plus sign to the left of each individual’s name to expand the options:

  1. Choose one of the following actions by clicking the icon underneath the Full Name.  Once you click the icon, you will see a matching icon in the Status field to the right.


** If assigning to another supervisor, please identify the name of your schoool or program's clinical coordinator.  Type in the Comment field to the right: "Please reassign to " followed by the name of clinical coordinator.  If possible, include the clinical coordinator’s Sutter Health user name.

  1. Once you have select an action option for every listed individual, Click on ‘Submit Attestation Decisions’ to save your changes
  2. Logout


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