Navigating the Financial Aid Portal

The Financial Aid Portal provides timely access to your financial aid records online. Need to see a list of your awards and disbursements? Want to know the status of required documents? Do you need to accept your award offer? Or, find out if you were awarded Work Study? No need to call or visit the Financial Aid Office, these questions can now be answered with an internet connection and a browser.

Does it matter which browser I use?

Yes, here is the most recent compatibility chart:

Browser Compatibility Chart

How to Access the Financial Aid Portal?

  1. On the Samuel Merritt University home page, select the Quick Links drop-down list, and then select Total Access (mySMU).

  2. Logon using your SMU credentials.

  3. From Quick Launch under My Finances, select  the Financial Aid Portal Financial Aid Portal icon.

  4. Use the tabs to navigate to other content. Remember to logout when done.

How do I accept my awards?

  1. From the Accept Awards tab, read the Terms & Conditions.

  2. If you agree, select the checkbox I agree to these Terms and Conditions, and then select Submit.

  3. From the Status dropdown list, select Accept or Decline for each award.

  4. [optional] Scroll down and select the Accept All or Decline All.

  5. Select Submit.

Can I decrease the amount of an award or loan?

Yes. You may decrease the amount of any award except grants and scholarships.  To reduce the amount of a loan,

  1. From the Accept Awards tab, locate the loan.

  2. In the Amount box, enter the reduced amount.

  3. From the Status dropdown list, select Accept and then select Submit.

Where do I find and print documents that I need to submit?

  1. From the Documents tabs, look for documents with the status Not Received.

  2. Click on the document link. A copy of the document (.pdf) will open.

  3. Print the document, sign it, and submit it to the Financial Aid Office.
    submit document options

I do not see an award for Work Study money, why?

Please contact your Financial Aid Counselor.

Where can I find award information from previous years?

Award years prior to 2015/2016 will not be available from the Financial Aid Portal. You can, however, access this information from the financial aid link in SMURF.

Where do I find the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet?

The Financial Aid Shopping Sheet page is designed to simplify the information you receive about costs and financial aid. It is a standardized form intended to help students easily compare institutions and make informed decisions about where to attend school. A glossary of terms is included at the end.

  1. From the Home tab scroll down and select the Financial Aid Shopping Sheet link.

  2. Use the tabs to return to Home or navigate to other content.

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