Publishing Faculty Bio Web Pages

SMU Faculty and Researcher Bio

The faculty bio system allows a faculty member to introduce themselves to the community.  The faculty bios are also viewable by the public and news media, so this is a great opportunity to tell your story.  


Here is an example of a faculty bio.  The page will list the faculty member’s name, their licensure credentials, title, department, introduction and other pieces of information.

How to View your Faculty Bio

The faculty bio is located at where username is replaced by your SMU username.  Example:

The faculty bio is publically viewable.  If news media asks for a link, you may share the link to your faculty bio.

How to Edit your Faculty Bio

There are several ways to edit your faculty bio.  The first is to use the link on the Faculty Resources page at  You will need to log in with your SMU username and password to gain access to the page.  Click on the link that says “Create / Edit Faculty Bio”.  This will take you to the edit screen.

Edit Faculty Bio Link

Another way to edit your faculty bio is to log in to the website using the login link at the bottom of the page and then view your faculty bio page.


You should see a link that says Edit near the top of the page.  Click on Edit to get to the edit screen.

Then click on Faculty Profile.


For more information on faculty bio, please view the Faculty and Researcher Bio info page.


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