Receive Encrypted Email Using Cisco Registered Envelope Service

Samuel Merritt University, in partnership with its parent company Sutter Health, continues to review and enhance technology measures that aim to help our faculty and staff best serve our students by preserving personal privacy and safety. We appreciate your partnership in safeguarding our students’ information.

Samuel Merritt University uses Cisco Registered Envelope Service for secure email communications.

The First Time You Receive a Secure Email

As before, you will receive a message in your inbox. As a first-time recipient of secure email from Samuel Merritt University or Sutter Health, you will be asked to undergo a one-time registration process in order to open your email message securely.    When you receive a secure mail notification message, you will be prompted to save the attachment and first-time users will be prompted to register.  The registration steps will ask you to create a password and respond to several security questions.  The steps are similar to other account registration processes.

Once you have registered your email address with CRES, you will only be required to confirm your email address and CRES password to retrieve subsequent secure email messages.

Why the Extra Steps?

As a University, we are obligated and committed to protecting the privacy, identity, and safety of our students, prospects, and employees.  Since the University routinely transmits sensitive health information between our internal constiutents and our liaisons at clinical sites, it is imperative the the institution adhere to HIPPA regulations when handling such information.  If other institutions are transmitting protected health information via non-secure email methods, they may be in violation of HIPPA regulations.

Online References

For your convenience, the Cisco Registered Envelope Service (CRES) instructions and Technical Assistance are available:

About CRES

CRES User Guide

Registration and Activation Videos on YouTube

Log In to CRES


A support telephone number also is available if you require assistance in the registration process.  The CRES Support number is:  866-412-6113


Again, thank you for taking the extra steps to help to keep our information secure.

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