Recover Deleted Items

Recover Deleted Items

You can recover items that were recently emptied from your Deleted Items folder. Recovered items will be moved back to your Deleted Items folder.

Outlook Web Access 2007 - Microsoft Internet Explorer

The options panel opens in the top left corner, select ‘Deleted Items’

You can select Individual items by holding down the CTRL key will clicking or to select a block of items you can hold down the SHIFT key

Click  to recover the items


Microsoft Outlook 2007

Click on your ‘Deleted Items’ folder

From the menu, click Tools > Recover Deleted Items

Hold down the CTRL key or SHIFT key to select items to recover

Click on the ‘Recover Selected Items’ icon

The selected items will appear in your Deleted Items folder

Outlook Web Access 2003 - Microsoft Internet Explorer

From your Deleted Items folder, click on Recover Deleted Items icon on the toolbar

Hold down the CTRL key to select individual items or SHIFT key to select a block of items to recover.

Click the Recover button to recover selected items to your Deleted Items folder


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