Samuel Merritt University Pay-for-Print Student Guide


Samuel Merritt University uses the GoPrint Pay-for-Print system in computing facilities across all campuses. For many years, a Value Card system was used, requiring users to purchase print funds on a value card and swipe the card at a Print Release Station. This has been replaced in favor of a cashless accounting system.

Students are granted an initial allowance of complimentary printing funds. Pay-for-Print is designed to debit the free allowance first, and then roll over to a chargeback account if there are no funds showing in the free allowance.

When the initial allowance funds are depleted, students may continue to print, but a charge back balance is displayed as a negative amount of available funds at the Pay-for-Print Web popup window.

Periodically throughout the year (at the end of the traditional academic term), your charge back balance (if any) will be transferred to your student billing account. All student Pay-for-Print account balances will then be reset to the initial allowance of complementary printing funds.

Charge Back/Account Reset Dates


FALL TERM December 24


2017 Print & Copy Pricing

Complimentary Printing Allowance: $10.00 per term per student

Black and White: $0.06 per page
$0.11 per 2-sided page
$0.16 per page
Color Duplex:
$0.31 per 2-sided page

When a print job is sent the Pay for Print Web popup appears:

Step 1 - Log in with your SMU ID and Password:

Screen 2 displays queued print job and available print funds:


Step 2 - Check the checkbox next to the print jobs to select:

Once selected, you may select the Click to Print button to complete the transaction, or choose the Cancel Job button to delete unwanted job:

Step 3 - Select the Click to Print button to pay for the desired print jobs and complete the transaction.

The completed transaction displays the balance adjustment:

Step 4 - Sign out to close the client popup or opt to remain logged when intending to continue printing.

Important: for security reasons, It's recommended that you sign-out when printing is completed.


Charge back (Credit) Mode

When the funds are depleted, students can continue to print but a charge back balance is displayed at the Pay-for-Print Web popup in the form of credits.

When Funds Available is displayed at $ 0.00 or a negative amount, is means the free print allowance funds are depleted and the accounting system automatically rolls over the "Credit Available" funds, as displayed below under the Account Summary section.


Print jobs paid with the Credit funds are displayed as a negative balance under Available Funds. In the example below, a -$5.60 is displayed. This is the amount you owe, and will be billed at the end of the term.

Checking Account Status

You may always log into the Web popup to check you Available Funds, Print Job History, and Transaction History.

Transaction History


Print Job History

How to Print

  • It is advisable to preview every print job to ensure the quality of the job. Refunds will not be given to print jobs printed in error. To preview your print job, click on the File menu, then select Print Preview. An image of the first page of the document will appear on the screen. Click on the Zoom In button to preview the page. Use the Next Page and Prev Page buttons to move from page to page.

Important: when printing duplex print jobs it's extremely important to preview your job because if the document is an odd number of pages it will display the last side as a blank page. Since the job is being sent as 2-sided you will be charged for the blank page.

  • After you have previewed the page(s), click on the Print button. The print screen will appear. Select the range of pages you want to print, check the number of copies, then click
  • The GoPrint Web Pop-up client window will appear. Enter your SMU ID and Password (you may send multiple print jobs before actually printing)


Why do I have to pay for printing?

  • Recoup some of the cost of printers, toners, maintenance and paper. Reduce waste; encourage students to print only what they need.
  • Fairness. Students who print pay for it, rather than charging all students whether they print or not.
  • It is the University's intention to absorb many of the costs associated with student printing. Over time you will see price reductions and increased allocation of free pages to students.

I don't want to pay to print - what are my alternatives?

  • Save your work to a flash drive.
  • Email your work to yourself.
  • Write it down! Sometimes a few notes are all you need.

How can I save money while using the printers?

  • Print carefully. Use Print Preview to check how many pages are in the documents or web sites before printing them.
  • Print multiple. PowerPoint slides can be printed with multiple slides per page.
  • Print only what you need. Ask yourself "Do I really need this? Can I use this in another form…or can I print just part of it?"

Do I have to pay for copies I don't want or don't like?

  • The university will not give refunds for unintended copies or prints.

What if there are problems with the printer or quality of print-outs?

  • You'll be able to request a reprint free of charge if you have to re-do any of your printing. If a document doesn't print because of a technical problem such as a paper jam or the print quality is poor, please notify a staff person in the computing facility to assist you.

What issues qualify for a re-print?

  • Toner smears or streaks
  • Low toner or too much toner (unacceptable print quality)
  • Jammed paper
  • Other printer-related defects

What issues do not qualify for a re-print?

  • Printing wrong materials (please ensure you are printing the correct materials)
  • Printing many copies of the wrong materials (you should preview what you are printing before you start, and not continue printing incorrect materials)
  • Printing to the wrong printer (you should verify which printer you are selecting - the 'cheapest' printer in the lab is normally the default printer)

What if I forget to log off and someone else prints using my account?

  • It's your responsibility to log off from the GoPrint screen when you're finished printing. Lab workstations are set to automatically log you off after 5 minutes of inactivity.

What about printer jams?

  • The software will usually detect if a printer is jammed, but if your job doesn't print because of a jam and you are charged for it, please ask for assistance from a staff member.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Printing jobs that have been submitted but not released are held in the system for no more than 4 hours. Once released or deleted, printing jobs cannot be retrieved.


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