Sutter Health Secure Message Center


Sutter Health Secure Message Center, powered by DataMotion SecureMail, is a simple yet powerful solution that secures sensitive email and file attachments from accidental exposure and data theft.  At the same time, it ensures compliance, guards your reputation, builds trust, and reduces business process costs. The best part is that SecureMail is incredibly simple to set up and easy to use.

Samuel Merritt regular employees are eligible to use the Sutter Health Secure Message Center.  Access will be granted upon request from the employee's supervisor or manager. 


Product Features


  • high-grade encryption
  • no encryption keys to manage
  • one-click secure and send
  • send directly to recipient's inbox
  • track and confirm sent, received, and opened
  • transfer large files easily


Acquiring Access


1. The supervisor or manager will send an email to containing the following information:

a. "This is a request for a new secure message center account"

b. Employee's name and employee ID number

c. User Information

      • Login ID: (SMU username)
      • First Name:
      • Last Name:
      • Email Address: (SMU email address)

d. Supervisor's name, title, and contact information

2. Upon review and approval, the service desk will provide the end user with access information and notify the supervisor of the account setup completion.  Requests typically take 1-2 business days to process.


Sending Secure Messages


1. Go to

2. Log in using your username or email address and Secure Message Center password.  If the user does not have a password, he or she my click the 'Forgot Password?' link to restore access.

3. Click "New Message" on the black menu bar

4. Add recipients, separated by semicolons (note: The system will only accept properly format email addresses. If nicknames or aliases are included in the address line, the message will not send successfully)

5. Compose message and add attachments

6. Send

Receiving Secure Message


As the recipient of a secure message, you will receive an email in your regular inbox containing a hyperlink to your secure message.


To access your message, simply follow these steps:


1. Click on the above link.

2. You will be prompted to create a password to protect your account.

3. Access your Inbox to view your message

If you need help, please send an e-mail to


General Reference Information

The help option located on the black menu bar displays relevant and easy-to-follow reference information for users.