Technology Procurement Procedures

Issuance of Personal Computers

IT provides personal computers for employee productivity in offices, classrooms, and research facilities.  Portable computers are available to employees who:

  1. Are Exempt regular staff members
  2. Are Full-Time faculty members
  3. Have regular job functions which involve traveling, such that mobile computer accessibility is a basic job requirement.

Employees who are issued portable computer are required to sign a portable computer check-out agreement, placing responsibility for the health and safety of the equipment and data contained within on the individual.

Apple Mac computers are available only to Full-time faculty members who demonstrate proficient expertise in working with the Mac OS.

Requests for Computer Hardware and Software

The SMU IT Department is responsible for purchasing, configuring, deploying, and maintaining all technology equipment and software owned by the University.  To acquire technology equipment and/or software for business or instructional use, please submit a request using the Computer Hardware and Software Request Form.  All requests require approval by the IT Department, based on user eligibility and technical compatibility with University systems.

All technology products will be selected and purchased by IT.  Purchase requests for technology equipment will not be honored by ABSMC Materials Management without the approval of SMU IT Director.

Requests for New Technology

New technology is considered as any technology product or solution that is not currently in-service at SMU or supported by an SMU service organization such as IT, Media Services, Facilities, Library Services, or an outside vendor. This principle can be applied to equipment hardware platforms, software products, and information systems.

SMU welcomes community feedback into innovating technology in the academic area.  For more information please review the SMU Process for Adopting New Technology on our website

System Upgrades

Computer system upgrades for end users are enacted through the University’s technology upgrade program.  Computers are systematically replaced by the IT Department based on the useful life and performance of the equipment.  Any user continually employed at SMU whose personal computer reaches the end of its useful life will be issued a new computer.

Users experiencing inadequate computer performance should not request a new computer.  If your computer is not functioning to expectation, please contact the IT Helpdesk for assistance.  If Helpdesk personnel are unable to resolve computer performance or functionality issues, your machine will be replaced with a comparable unit in proper working condition.

Non-SMU Standard Technology

SMU adheres to Sutter Health standards for core technology equipment.  Under unique circumstances, the technology standard may be deemed inadequate to meet business or instructional needs.  If a non-standard technology solution is required to meet a specific need, please use the Computer Hardware and Software Request Form.  When doing so, please be advised:

  1. All requests must be approved by department head prior to submission for IT approval consideration.
  2. All requests must include written rationale justifying a non-standard technology deployment
  3. Non-standard computer hardware will not be paid out of the IT operating budget, unless no other alternative exists to meet a specific business need.
  4. All technology products will be selected and purchased by IT.  Purchase requests for technology equipment will not be honored by ABSMC Materials Management without the approval of SMU IT director.
  5. The IT Department may not be able to honor its Service Level Agreement in supporting non-SMU standard technology.

Technology Support and Work Injury Risk

The Facilities Department coordinates all requests for ergonomic evaluations.  For more information, please see:

Technology Support for Employees with Disabilities

Employees with documented disabilities may be entitled to enhanced technology support to facilitate daily job functionality.  To inquire about opportunities for assistive technology in your workspace, please contact the Office of Human Resources at 510-869-6511 ext. 5351.  All conversations and engagements related to employee disability are strictly confidential. 

IT Technical Support

The ITS Helpdesk is your one-stop-shop for technical support at SMU. Faculty, staff, and students may contact the Helpdesk for assistance through any of these methods:

Phone: (510) 869-6836


Submit an Online Service Request

Request more information

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