Audio/Visual & Info Management Equipment

We record simulation sessions for review and evaluation.

Managing A/V equipment from
simulation suite control room.

At Samuel Merritt University's (SMU) Health Sciences Simulation Center (HSSC) we have the capacity to capture every action, sound, and equipment signal produced in our Simulation Action Rooms, Conference Rooms, and Training Rooms. After any recorded simulation session, learners and instructors may access the digitized recording for the purpose of reviewing it and analyzing the session in a facilitated debriefing. A password-protected, web-based software application provides computer access to these recordings in a conference room immediately or any time after the session. This ability to capture the smallest gesture, comment, and right or wrong intervention provides rich teachable moments.

These video-assisted debriefings are made possible by our integrated hardware and software system, the Arcadia Total Digital AV™ from Education Management Solutions. The hardware and software work together to record any session, involving any combination of manikins, task trainers, and/or standardized patients encounters (CW: Link to SP page).

Audio/Video Hardware ↑ 

  • Captures:
    • 30 video images per second in MPEG 4 format, with either 640 x 480 analog TV or DVD quality
    • sound with omni-directional wireless microphones
    • all data from the simulator's event log and vital signs monitor.
  • Records from either a single camera or multiple cameras (We use five cameras in the simulation suites) in fixed or pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) models.
  • Uses both a touch screen and joy stick for camera switching and PTZ control.
  • Provides secure playback of recorded video, or live streaming video, from any PC or MAC via a LAN or Web connection.
  • Allows a single person to manage the entire HSSC from a single control panel, switching from one camera view to another, in multiple scenarios underway simultaneously in multiple rooms.

Information Management Software ↑ 

  • Interacts with the Laerdal software that controls SimMan®, SimBaby®, and other Laerdal high-fidelity manikin-based simulators in the HSSC. As soon as a scenario begins, the cameras automatically start recording.
  • Automatically stores and indexes the contents of any scenario template
  • Bookmarks key points the instructor wants to emphasize
  • Generates assessment tools specific to a scenario
  • Collects, generates and stores evaluation scores
  • Generates faculty reports on individual or team performance, technical or communication skills and other priorities
  • Provides remote access to data
  • Manages scheduling, inventory, and communication.

Tandberg® Videoconferencing System ↑ 

Video Conferencing Equipment

This system provides

SMU's HSSC with a distance learning capability. Because the EMS application is Web-based, instructors and learners may review any simulated activity from any other location where there is videoconferencing capability, including any SMU campus.






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