Raji Menon, CRNA, DNP
Simulation Educator (part-time)
Assistant Professor
Supports simulation-based learning for podiatric medicine and throughout the HSSC.

Raji approaches teaching with passion and enthusiasm.  In order to promote learning in a “learner-centered fashion” and to nurture self-directed learners, Raji strongly believes in partnering with the adult learner and in matching teaching and learning styles that best improves the learner outcomes.  She strives to create inclusive classroom environment by building bridges between what the learners know and what they need to learn and also by embracing the learners’ cultural background and their everyday lived experiences.  Raji is an accountant turned health care professional who has been exposed to diverse experiences and multi-cultural backgrounds in her life; this allows her to connect with the learners’ cultural sensitivities, to relate to their experiences firsthand and to pursue meaningful discussions. 

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