Students in the simulation lab

We have 10,500 square feet of space equipped to simulate real clinical care settings.

Located on the Oakland Campus of Samuel Merritt University (SMU) and Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, the Health Sciences Simulation Center (HSSC)  is designed to provide flexible teaching spaces that can accommodate a variety of educational needs. Any of the dynamic spaces in the HSSC may serve as a traditional classroom, meeting room, or simulated clinical area for hands-on training.

Simulation Suites ↑ 

Each of our simulation suites includes these elements:

  • Simulation Action Room
  • A Control Room
  • A Conference Room
  • A Storage Room

The Simulation Action Room can be made to look and function almost exactly like any space where health professionals might provide care. For example, we can recreate:

  • an operating room
  • an emergency room bay
  • an examination room—or even

For a hospital or outpatient room, the environment would have state-of-the-art medical equipment. All Action Rooms have advanced systems for recording and storing audio/video footage and vital sign monitor data generated during simulation scenarios.

The Control Room includes:

  • a one-way window for observing scenarios in the adjoining Action Room
  • computers for controlling the simulation equipment
  • audiovisual mixer
  • remote controls connected to audio/video equipment in the Action Room: five pan-tilt-zoom cameras, wired and wireless microphone systems, and handheld transceivers for communicating with personnel during scenarios.

The Conference Room is near the Action Room, for pre-simulation briefing and post-simulation debriefing.

The Storage Room contains our robust inventory of task/skills trainers, manikins, and manikin airways.

Multi-Purpose Training Rooms ↑ 

The four training rooms are each large and adaptable enough to accommodate 20 to 50 students for:

  • a lecture
  • several small classes at once
  • simulations in seven treatment bays

All these training rooms are equipped with simulation manikins, task trainers, and state-of-the-art medical equipment (technology and instruments) for realistically practicing and demonstrating:

  • physical diagnoses
  • health assessments
  • other foundational skills of clinical care

Standardized Patient Rooms ↑ 

The HSSC has nine rooms that hold all the equipment necessary for students to practice health assessments and physical diagnoses in performances with standardized patients (SPs).

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