A well-prepared faculty is the key to our success with simulation.


SMU faculty in the Control Room
during a simulation workshop.

All members of the Samuel Merritt University (SMU) faculty are encouraged to incorporate simulation into their teaching. A growing number of faculty members now do, and every semester more are participating. Thanks to their interest, skill and experience, simulation is now part of the curriculum in every academic program of SMU.

Instructional innovation is one of the University's strategic priorities, and this necessitates continuous faculty development, especially around technology. The Health Sciences Simulation Center (HSSC) has strong support from Administration to create and present excellent faculty training and to help instructors integrate simulation into their courses. The HSSC provides on-going in-services for faculty to support them in integrating simulation-based learning into their curriculum.

Faculty Orientation

All SMU faculty members who wish to use the HSSC in their teaching must schedule time for an orientation of the facilities and our approach to simulation-based learning. To schedule your orientation, please call the HSSC at (510) 869-6511.X5530.

BASC Faculty Development "Train the Trainer" Program ↑ 

HSSC faculty serve as mentors and workshop instructors at all four levels of this regional program. They cover every aspect of simulation, from how to get started to in-depth coverage of the debriefing process.

Funding Sources ↑ 

Funding from the SMU School of Nursing (SoN) is designated specifically for the purpose of faculty development and training in simulation-based education. In addition, the SoN has a designated "champion" to provide support to faculty who want to integrate simulation into their curriculum.

Two simulation specialists assist faculty with their use of simulation. Thanks to a two-year grant from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, we have a Simulation Coordinator dedicated to nursing faculty development around simulation and the community's use. The second simulation specialist is here to help all other SMU faculty incorporate simulation into their specific programs, e.g. PA, OT, PT, and DPM. The HSSC staff works with individual SMU faculty members in these programs to enhance their expertise with simulation technologies and methodologies.

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