Introducing HSSC South

New space doubles the size of the Health Sciences Simulation Center (HSSC).

Because Samuel Merritt University (SMU) is still relatively small, innovation can happen quickly here. Even though the HSSC has only been open since 2006, high demand has already led the University's leaders to authorize a major expansion that added another 5,000 square feet to our existing 5,500-square-foot facility.

The new space, HSSC South, is located right next to SMU's main lobby. It has:

  • Two eight-bed clinical training labs
  • Nine exam rooms for realistic scenarios involving Standardized Patients
  • An control room with video monitors for viewing scenarios as they happen
  • A conference room with audio/video equipment and a table that seats 12 for playback and debriefing.

All the new instructional areas will have audio/video recording capabilities. In addition, we are integrating more virtual reality as a learning modality into both HSSC North and South.

The nationwide shortage of healthcare personnel, and SMU's obvious success in the field, have made this expansion entirely appropriate, much anticipated and very welcome.

To check out images of either HSSC South or our original facility at HSSC North, visit our Galleries and Virtual Tours.


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