Medical Equipment

Our medical equipment is identical to what is used in current clinical practice.

At Samuel Merritt University we partner with leading vendors who have outfitted our simulation suites and patient treatment bays with all the standard equipment our learners are most likely to encounter in a modern hospital or other clinical setting. Practicing healthcare professionals value the fact that SMU graduates need no introduction to their equipment when they arrive on the job.

Infant radiant warmer.

Examples from our inventory:

  • Anesthesia machines: Aisys and Aestiva (GE Healthcare) and Narkomed 6000 (Drager)
  • Automated External Defibrillators (Zoll®)
  • Diagnostic Instrument Wall Modules (Welch Allyn)
  • Pediatric Code Cart (Broselow™)
  • Fiber-optic Bronchoscopes with video systems (Olympus)
  • ICU-type mechanical ventilators
  • Rapid fluid infuser devices
  • Infant Radiant Warmers

We are grateful to those vendors who have contributed valuable equipment for our use. Their generosity illustrates their commitment to high quality care and patient safety.

Simulation in Action

One of three anesthesia machines in the HSSC inventory.

The HSSC Team

Fiber-optic bronchoscopes with video systems.


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