Simulation Equipment

Our simulation equipment realistically replicates human responses.

We have more than two dozen healthcare manikins who are so life-like we've given them names.

Until recent years, simulation scenarios for educating healthcare professionals were relatively unsophisticated, involving either static manikins or cadavers. Today we are able to give learners a truly realistic experience, using computerized simulation equipment that can replicate just about any normal or abnormal physiologic response to an event or therapeutic intervention.

In Samuel Merritt University's Health Sciences Simulation Center, we have all three major categories of simulation equipment:

  • Human Patient Simulators are lifelike manikins that replicate the entire body's responses. More . . . 
  • Task Trainers replicate one part or system of the human body for practicing specific skills. More . . . 
  • Computer-Assisted Instruction presents the learner with a series of realistic situations on a computer screen. More . . . 

All this equipment is integrated with software that allows for a wide range of variables presented in pre-programmed scenarios. These scenarios are objective driven to meet certain learning outcomes. Audio/visual equipment records all the simulators' responses and synchronizes them with audio/video footage of the scenario for playback and review.

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