For students, simulation transforms learning into experience.

IT and AV Team

As you prepare for your career in healthcare, one question almost certainly tops your list: Will I be ready when I meet my first patient?

At Samuel Merritt University (SMU), the answer is: "Absolutely!" — because at SMU you practice, practice, practice in simulated healthcare situations until your clinical and inter-personal skills become second nature. The HSSC is used by all students on SMU's Oakland campus and by a growing number of students from SMU's San Mateo and San Francisco Learning Centers.

The size and scope of our simulation programs and facilities allow us to offer you frequent and increasingly complex simulation experiences starting in your first semester and throughout your course of study. As a result of their exposure to simulation, SMU students say they are much more confident when taking care of a patient.

SMU Student Orientation

Before their first simulation assignment, all SMU students attend a presentation about our facilities and our approach to simulation-based learning. If you have questions, please contact your instructor.


SMU Faculty/Staff Directory

For everything you need to know and do prior to coming to the HSSC for an assignment, log into My SMU.


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