Task Trainers

Task trainers allow repeated practice of a specific skill.

Laerdel® Blood Pressure Arm.

Most task trainers are lifelike models of body parts, such as an arm or pelvis. Others are non-anatomical; they use mechanics or other means to teach biological concepts. All task trainers have in common the ability to break down a specific physical task into easily grasped action steps and pieces of information.

Usually, the instructor may slow down, stop or restart the device. Some task trainers also provide feedback on how well the learner performed the procedure.

Task trainers help a learner develop both confidence and proficiency. Only after demonstrating a high level of competence on a task trainer is the learner deemed ready to perform the same skill on a real patient.

In this hybrid simulation, a "laboring" mother uses the PROMPT birthing simulator by Laerdal®.

Task trainers may also be used in combination with standardized patients, for what is called a hybrid simulation; this allows learners to practice a skill while at the same time practicing effective communication with a patient.

The HSSC has a full inventory of task trainers, including:

General Task Trainers ↑ 

Examples from our inventory:

IV Hand Task Trainer.

  • Basic manikins (Male, female, infant, and child)
  • Exam models
  • IV hand (Life/form®)
  • Chest tube trainer
  • Blood pressure training arm (Laerdal®)
  • IV training arm (Laerdal®)
  • Wound care assessment set (Laerdal®)
  • Wound care model (Laerdal®)
  • Chester Chest™ (Laerdal®)
  • Cath & enema trainer ((Laerdal®)
  • NG tube and trach care simulator (Laerdal®)
  • Fundus skill module (Laerdal®)
  • IM injection trainer
  • Ventriloscope
  • Surgical Sally (Life/form®)

The Ventriloscope™ wirelessly transmits heart, lung and other sounds into a realistic stethoscope for practice on Human Patient Simulators and Standardized Patients.

Airway Management Trainers ↑ 

Used primarily by the Program of Nurse Anesthesia and the Physician Assistant Program, these task trainers give learners the opportunity to practice a range of techniques from basic mechanical ventilation to difficult airway management. We currently have these airway management trainers:

  • Laerdal® Airway Management Trainer
  • Laerdal® Neonatal Intubation Trainer
  • TruCorp AirSim airway manikins
  • Dexter Non-Anatomic Endoscopic Dexterity Training System

Advanced Skills Task Trainers ↑ 

  • Kyoto Kagaku Lumbar Puncture Simulator II
  • SimuLab CentraLineMan (central line insertion trainers)
  • Blue Phantom™ Central Venous Access Head/Neck/Upper Torso (ultrasound training model)

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