Accessing Alta Bates Summit Medical Center Resources

As an affiliate of Alta Bates Summit Medical Center (ABSMC), Samuel Merritt University (SMU) faculty and staff have access to many of ABSMC's resources.  SMU employees can access ABSMC's resources by visiting ABSMC's intranet site.

To visit ABSMC's intranet site, visit http://abs/.

Links on the SMU website with the Intranet Icon icon point to ABSMC's intranet site.

ABSMC Intranet can only be accessed from the SMU campuses; the site cannot be accessed from home or off-site.

Error Accessing ABSMC Intranet Resources

If you receive a "Page not found" error when clicking a link on Alta Bates Summit Medical Center's Intranet site, this is caused by an address translation issue.

Sample error screen of 'Page not found'

To get to the intended page, simply edit the address in the browser's address bar; change the "www" to "abs".

Image showing where to change 'www' to 'abs' in the address bar

For example, if the original link is http://www/departments/upload/hr/cell.pdf, change the link in the browser's address bar to be http://abs/departments/upload/hr/cell.pdf.


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