Bereavement Leave

Faculty and staff may take up to three paid business days of bereavement leave for a death in the immediate family (includes the employee's spouse or domestic partner, children, parents or in-laws, siblings and grandparents). Faculty and staff are asked to make every attempt to notify the manager and Human Resources as soon as possible so the employee's work schedule while on leave can be adjusted.

In the event of a death within the employee's extended family, (includes aunts, uncles, and other significant family relationships) SMU will provide the employee with a bereavement leave of one paid business day or, if extensive travel is required, bereavement leave of two paid business days.

Any faculty or staff member needing more time during a bereavement leave is eligible to request the additional unpaid time through the employee's manager and Human Resources, and to use any accrued, vacation time for pay during the absence.

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