IT Projects: Year in Review

Blair Simmons

Projects Completed

  • Wide Area Network Redesign
  • Titanium Scheduling System for Counseling Center
  • Increased Internet Bandwidth on all Campuses
  • Faculty Access to Online Grading and Attendance
  • Course and Event Scheduling System
  • Alumni Event Registration Online
  • Compliance with 2011 Direct Lending Requirements
  • Implementation of System Center Configuration Manager
  • ARES Library Course Reserve System
  • Cashless Pay-for-Print System
  • SMU Online Directory
  • Blackboard Advanced System Reporting
  • Enhancements to mySMU QuickLaunch and Announcements


Projects In-Progress

  • Clinical Partnership Tracking System
  • Major Enhancements to the SMU Website
  • Automating User Identity Management
  • Active Directory 2008
  • Lync Unified Communications Platform
  • Transition from XP to Windows 7
  • Development of SMU Mobile Apps
  • Enhancements to the Student Health System
  • Alumni/Student Email Solution
  • Direct Deposit for Student Refunds
  • Endowed Giving Online
  • Build-out of New Campus Facilities


Projects in the Queue

  • Par Score/Par Test Exam Administration Solution
  • Data Center Environmental Control
  • Document Imaging and Management Solution
  • Cloud-Based Calendar and File Sharing Solution
  • Faculty Work Requirement Tracking System
  • Electronic Health Records in Simulation


Projects in Discovery Phase

  • Online Admission Application for Nursing Programs
  • Video on Demand Libraries
  • Classroom Lecture Capture Solution
  • SMU's Next Learning Management Solution
  • Client Computer Disk Level Encryption
  • Financial Calculator

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