The Road Ahead

Blair Simmons

Through the years demand for technology and innovation have increased steadily in higher education as well as in healthcare industries.  As we continue to see trends of moving course delivery systems and academic information resources into cyberspace, SMU recognizes the criticality of providing reliable access to and easy use of the education tools required for students to succeed the modern global, multi-platform classroom community.  In its responsibility for developing the next generation of healthcare professionals, SMU is committed to deep impact experiential learning by bringing healthcare industry standard technology to the classroom, giving our students hands-on experience with the tools they will use every day in their careers.

In meeting these growing demands for innovation in the classroom and beyond, the University faces the challenge of embracing emerging technologies while preserving a healthy IT operational infrastructure.  The technology initiatives in the years to come will focus on:

  • technology resource availability assurance
  • efficient processes
  • security of personal, institutional, and proprietary information
  • global access to information resources
  • mobility and multi-platform compatibility
  • multimedia communication and content delivery

Through collaborative effort among the SMU community and partnership with industry leading technology solutions providers, the University has the potential to achieve great things along the road ahead.

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