Student Health System Improvements

Marvin Lee

The Student Health Information System records and tracks student immunization history and requirements for clinical education placement.  The system was developed 4 years ago through a collaborative effort by members of the Student Health Services and Information Technology Services Departments.  In the past two years the functional requirements for system have evolved. 

During 2011, the SMU Web Development Team has worked on re-engineering the user interface and database using ASP and Enterprise SQL server technologies.  The user interface (UI), will be changed for better usability.  Sensitive student data will be encrypted and protected at the database level.  New functions, such as notifying students of expiring immunizations will be done, automatically and periodically.  Administrative users will have better flexibility for matching students to their clinical site requirements – vastly improving the communication between the clinical coordinators and the Student Health Office.

Stay tuned for the new student health system coming soon!

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