Understanding Offline Files


Using offline files, employees can access files stored in your home directory (X drive) when you are working from home or away from the office.  This is done by setting up your My Documents folder to be available offline, which automatically creates a copy of the network files on your computer.  When you disconnect from the network, you normally lose the ability to access any files stored on the network.  But with offline files, you can disconnect from the network and still have copies of all the network files you have made available offline.

If you are working offline and make changes to offline files from a network folder, Windows will automatically sync any changes you made to the files the next time you connect to that network folder.  Anytime you re-connect to that network folder, Windows will sync the files between your computer and the network folder.  You can also sync them manually at any time.

You can access offline files if your network goes down or the network folder you are accessing becomes unavailable.  Windows will automatically access the offline copies of files stored on your My Documents instead of the files on the network folder, and you can continue working without interruption.

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