The Website's New Look

Michael Tam

New Website TeaserThe website is one of the most visible entities of Samuel Merritt University. As part of our new SMU marketing and branding process, the website will be redesigned and improved. Working in collaboration with the Office of the President and their design partners, the homepage will feature styling and aesthetic improvements consistent with our new look. We will also enhance the website's general look and feel, otherwise known as the website's theme.

The new homepage will emphasize the most popular and frequently visited links, making it easier for visitors as well as faculty, staff, and students to get to where they want to go. There will be a new section on the homepage where the latest news and events will be available at a glance without the need to visit another page. Along with the homepage, the theme of the website will be updated to incorporate our new look, so the rest of the site will also feel different.

The redesigned homepage and theme of the website will launch later this year.

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