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Fact Book

The University Fact Book provides an annual snapshot of data that demonstrates SMU's commitment to monitoring performance.


 Current Issue: 2012-2013

Section 1: Samuel Merritt University Evaluation Cycles and Data Collection Tools
A schedule of mandatory and public reporting of institutional facts (internal, external, regulatory) conducted throughout the academic year.

Section 2: Dashboard of Institutional Performance
A visual display conveying at a glance a summary of the most important information about SMU's performance.

Section 3: Survey Data

Institutional Survey Data
Surveys that address cross-divisional priorities. Select survey data are presented. Detailed data are available in the office of Institutional Research.

Departmental Survey Data
Surveys that reflect priorities for a single division.

Section 4: Data Exhibits (Institutional Data and WASC)
Institutional data and mandated WASC data sets required for continuing accreditation. All tables contain five years of data and trends.

Section 5: Glossary


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