Samuel Merritt University Dashboard

The Samuel Merritt University Dashboard is a visual display conveying at a glance a summary of the most important information about the University's performance. Indicators are displayed below. To view a detailed dashboard for a particular month, click on the month title.


Green Green - Indicator meets or exceeds target.
Yellow Yellow - Indicator is performing below target.
Red Red - Indicator is performing significantly below target.
Gray Gray - Standards have not been established.

Hover over each number to see a brief description of the indicator.



January 2016GreenGreenGreenGreenGrayGreenYellowYellowGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen
February 2016GreenGreenRedGreenGrayRedYellowYellowGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen
March 2016GreenGreenRedGreenGrayGreenYellowYellowGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen
April 2016GreenGreenRedGreenGrayGreenYellowYellowGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen
May 2016GreenGreenRedGreenGrayGreenYellowRedGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen
June 2016GreenGreenGreenGreenGrayRedYellowRedGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen
July 2016GreenGreenGreenGreenGrayRedYellowRedGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen
August 2016GreenGreenGreenGreenGrayGreenYellowRedGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen
September 2016GreenGreenGreenGreenGrayGreenYellowRedGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen
October 2016GreenGreenRedGreenGrayGreenYellowYellowGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen
November 2016GreenGreenRedGreenGrayGreenYellowRedGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen




January 2015GreenGreenGreenRedGrayGreenYellowYellowGrayGrayGreenGrayYellowGreen
February 2015GreenGreenGreenRedGrayRedYellowGreenGrayGrayGreenGrayYellowGreen
March 2015GreenGreenGreenRedGrayGreenYellowYellowGrayGrayGreenGrayYellowGreen
April 2015GreenGreenGreenRedGrayGreenYellowRedGrayGrayGreenGrayYellowGreen
May 2015GreenGreenGreenRedGrayGreenYellowRedGrayGrayGreenGrayYellowGreen
June 2015GreenGreenGreenRedGrayGreenYellowGreenGrayGrayGreenGrayYellowGreen
July 2015GreenGreenGreenRedGrayRedYellowGreenGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen
August 2015GreenGreenGreenRedGrayRedYellowGreenGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen
September 2015GreenGreenRedRedGrayGreenYellowYellowGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen
October 2015GreenGreenRedRedGrayRedYellowYellowGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen
November 2015GreenGreenRedRedGrayRedYellowYellowGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen
December 2015GreenGreenRedRedGrayRedYellowRedGrayGrayGreenGrayGreenGreen



January 2014GreenGreenGreenRedGreenGreenYellowGreenGrayGrayGreenGrayYellowGreen
February 2014GreenGreenGreenRedGreenRedYellowGreenGrayGrayGreenGrayYellowGreen
March 2014GreenGreenGreenRedYellowGreenYellowGreenGrayGrayGreenGrayYellowGreen
April 2014GreenGreenGreenRedGreenGreenYellowGreenGrayGrayGreenGrayYellowGreen
May 2014GreenGreenGreenRedGreenRedYellowGreenGrayGrayGreenGrayYellowGreen
June 2014GreenGreenGreenRedGreenRedYellowGreenGrayGrayGreenGrayYellowGreen
July 2014GreenGreenGreenRedGreenRedRedGreenGrayGrayYellowGrayYellowGreen
August 2014GreenGreenGreenRedRedGreenRedGreenGrayGrayYellowGrayYellowGreen
September 2014GreenGreenGreenRedGreenYellowRedGreenGrayGrayYellowGrayYellowGreen
October 2014GreenGreenGreenRedGrayGreenYellowGreenGrayGrayRedGrayYellowGreen
November 2014GreenGreenGreenRedGrayGreenYellowGreenGrayGrayGreenGrayYellowGreen
December 2014GreenGreenGreenRedGrayRedYellowGreenGrayGrayGreenGrayYellowGreen


Click here to see full descriptions of Indicators


1. Academic programs meeting budgeted contribution marginsMonthlyWithin greater of 10% of budgeted contribution margin
Green Green - Total variance is positive and 8 of 12 major programs are positive
Yellow Yellow - Total variance is positive and fewer than 8 major programs are positive
Red Red - Total variance is negative
2. Overall institutional YTD financial performanceMonthlyNet operating income at or above budget
Green Green - at or above budget
Yellow Yellow - Between 1- 5% below budget
Red Red - 6+% below budget
3. Prior month financial performanceMonthlyNet operating income at or above budget
Green Green - at or above budget
Yellow Yellow - Between 1- 5% below budget
Red Red - 6+% below budget
4. Annual fund raising target progress YTD (TBD for 2016)MonthlyComparison with historical average of % funds received by month.
Green Green - 110% of historical average YTD
Yellow Yellow - 100% -105%
Red Red - below 100%
5. Frequency of face to face encounters with potential donorsMonthly

Number of face to face encounters 10 or above in number
Green Green - 10 or above per month
Yellow Yellow - 8 to 9 per month
Red Red - 7 or below below target

6. Number of external visitors to website (number of distinct people that are visiting SMU website)Monthly

Total number of external visitors to SMU website will exceed target by 2%
Green Green - Exceeds last 6-month average by 2%
Yellow Yellow - Meets last 6-month average
Red Red – Does not meet last 6-month average

7. Programs with mandatory licensure/ certification at or above target first-time pass rateMonthly

First-time test takers pass above national average for their discipline

Green Green - all programs at target
Yellow Yellow - 1-3 programs below target
Red Red - 4 or more programs below target

8. Enrollment projections indicate that programs are likely to meet targeted enrollmentsMonthlyTotal number of applications for each program indicates that target enrollment will be met
Green Green - All programs on track to meet target enrollment
Yellow Yellow - 1-2 programs are below target
Red Red - 3 or more programs are below target
9. Diversity of applicant pool and totalTBDTBD
10. Quality of applicant pool and totalTBDMedian GPA of qualified applicant pool equal to or greater than required GPA
11. Course Evaluation Ratings

Cumulative 3 Past Semesters

Number of programs on student evaluations with mean Overall Ratings (Course + Faculty) at 4.0 or above
Green Green - 4 of 5 programs with 60% of courses at or above mean 4.0
Yellow Yellow - 3 of 5 programs with 60% of courses at or above mean 4.0
Red Red - 2 of 5 programs with 60% of courses at or above mean 4.0
12. Diversity-related items score on Student Evaluation of Course and Faculty TBD
13. Audit adjustments and findings YTDEpisodicNumber of notable items
Green Green - no items
Yellow Yellow - 1-2 items
Red Red - 3 or more items
14. Substantive accreditation issuesEpisodicNumber of programs in good standing
Green Green - all programs
Yellow Yellow - any program with substantive citations
Red Red - any program on probation or threat to SMU regional accreditation