Mission, Vision and Values


Samuel Merritt University educates students to become highly skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals who positively transform the experience of care in diverse communities.


Samuel Merritt University will become nationally recognized as a premier, multispecialty health sciences institution.  Expert faculty and staff will shape an inclusive learning environment where all students experience best teaching practices and state-of-the-art learning approaches.  The University will select and support students who will flourish in its rigorous academic programs, learn to practice expertly, and pass licensure or certification examinations on first attempt.


  • A learning environment where we challenge ourselves and our students to think critically, seek mastery and act compassionately¬†
  • A collegial environment where we are fair, respectful and behave with integrity
  • A collaborative environment where we partner with one another and with others in the community
  • An innovative environment where we take reasoned risks and move nimbly.
  • A results-oriented environment where we provide and expect exceptional performance and service

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