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SMU-Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medicine (CSPM)
Date : March 21, 2017
Department : CSPM
Type : Faculty
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Cost Center : 8038
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As an Assistant Professor within the Department of Medicine, the incumbent is responsible for guiding the learning of students in classrooms and/or clinical settings. Faculty members are assigned to develop and teach the courses for which they are qualified by education, certification, and professional experience. Instructional duties include planning courses and curricula, didactic and clinical teaching, and evaluating courses. Related duties include academic advising of students, supervision of independent study projects, maintaining weekly office hours, attending meetings, serving on committees, and participation in special university events and ceremonies. Faculties at the rank of Assistant Professor are also expected to engage in relevant current clinical practice or scholarly activities in the teaching specialty as defined in the Faculty/Staff Handbook and to be actively engaged in professional activities, which enhance the faculty role.

The University has an institution-wide commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We strive to build a welcoming and supportive campus environment, and acknowledge that diversity is an educational imperative to achieve excellence.

Required Education and Experience
• A minimum of an earned doctoral degree in the discipline or in a closely related discipline.
• Clinical expertise in the specialty area of the teaching assignment
• Publication record appropriate for this rank (refer to SMU Faculty Handbook) is required.
• Service to the university and one’s profession appropriate for appointment at this rank.

Desired Skills and Abilities
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Ability to establish and maintain excellent interpersonal relationships.
• Ability to calculate exam scores and grades.

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations
• Holds a valid license to practice in California.
• Other specialized certification or license may be required depending on the nature of the instructional assignment.


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