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Director, Doctor of Nursing Practice Program
Date : June 12, 2018
Department : Nursing
Type : Faculty
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Cost Center : 8075
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The director is the academic leader responsible for the management of administrative, curricular, and student/faculty matters of the program. The director maintains standards for professional accreditation, ensures compliance with university policies and procedures, and plans and manages the budget. The director collaborates with other administrators to sustain strategic planning goals and priorities compatible with University values and mission. He/she models appropriate ethical and professional behaviors, has exceptional communication skills, and is an expert in advanced nursing practice

• Earned doctorate in nursing or a related field from an accredited institution of higher learning
• Must have at least one graduate degree in nursing
• Minimum of three years of experience in administration/management of baccalaureate or higher degree nursing programs
• Minimum of three years of progressive experience in teaching in graduate advanced nursing practice programs
• Unencumbered California Registered Nurse license or eligible for licensure in California
• Knowledge of DNP program issues and developments in nursing education

Faculty is required to provide service on school of nursing committees, university committees and other committees or task forces. Professional service implies the use of academic and professional expertise to serve the university, the nursing profession, and the community. Service consists of meaningful activities that promote the image, mission, or strategic priorities of the university, the well-being of relevant individuals or groups among the community of interest or the professional growth of faculty.
Service duties and responsibilities:
• Participate in faculty organization meetings
• Participate in school of nursing faculty meetings
• Participate in university or school committees as needed
• Provide service to the profession and the community
• Participate in university and SoN events

Service also includes academic advising which is student-centered and assists students to realize the maximum educational benefits available to them by helping them to better understand themselves and to learn to use the resources of the University to meet their educational needs and aspirations. Advising requires the establishment of caring human relationships in which the student learning experience is enhanced and the faculty member takes responsibility for the following:
• Clarify with the student the nursing curriculum and interpretation of programmatic requirements
• Provide needed information so students can make the best academic decisions for themselves
• Increase student awareness of educational resources available
• Discuss student academic progress and progression toward educational goals
• Refer to other institutional and community support services, where appropriate
• Forward appropriate student information regarding needs and preferences that could influence policy setting in the SoN and enhance the learning environment

Scholarship and Creative Activity:
Faculty members are required to engage in scholarship that reflects activities resulting in the production, reorganization/refinement, dissemination, or creation of works that advance knowledge in one’s field.
Scholarship/creative activities duties and responsibilities:
• Draw on extant literature to design evidence-based teaching and evaluation practices
• Exhibit a spirit of inquiry about teaching and learning, student development, evaluation methods, and other aspects of the faculty role
• Demonstrate qualities of a scholar: integrity, courage, perseverance, vitality and creativity
• Design and implements scholarly activities as agreed upon with his/her evaluator
• Engage in scholarly activities reflecting dissemination and professional peer review
Skills and Abilities
• Excellent written and oral communication
• Read and write clear documents
• Function effectively as a member of a team and independently
• Knowledgeable about the faculty role
• Create and sustain a culture of respect, cooperation, and innovation among faculty and students

Physical Requirements:
• Must be able to express or exchange ideas by means of the spoken word in person or on the telephone
• Receive detailed information through verbal and written communication
• Travel to relevant meetings, as required

The University has an institution-wide commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We strive to build a welcoming and supportive campus environment, and acknowledge that diversity is an educational imperative to achieve excellence.


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