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SMU-Adjunct Assistant Professor (DNP Online)-SMU-1804273
Date : June 27, 2018
Department : Nursing
Type : Faculty
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Cost Center : 8075
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To plan, implement, manage and evaluate assigned portions of the academic curriculum commensurate with accepted norms of higher education and accreditation standards.

This position is 1.0 FTE with expected on-campus participation in program activities once annually for DNP student presentations and remote participation for School of Nursing service requirements.

Faculty is responsible for creating environments that facilitate student learning and the attainment of expected outcomes at the course and program levels. All items listed below are considered “essential job functions” for ADA purposes.

Teaching and Learning

1. Assumes responsibility for the conduct of assigned didactic and clinical courses at both the Oakland and Sacramento campuses. This will include at least three regular courses per year. Responsibilities entail: planning courses, sequencing and scheduling; lecture and/or coordination of guest faculty; composing and administering examinations, grading and conducting competent evaluations.

2. Models reflective and critical thinking and serves as a mentor for students; confers with them on their progress and assists them in the development of learning plans to facilitate successful achievement of course objectives.

3. Confers with colleagues to assure the integrity of the courses across programs and the curriculum as a whole.


4. Participates in faculty/school/university committee work as assigned, which will be commensurate with the assigned FTE. Professional service implies the use of academic and professional expertise to serve the University, the nursing profession and the community. Service consists of meaningful activities that promote the image, mission or strategic priorities of the University, the well-being of members of the community or the professional growth of faculty. Participation includes Faculty Organization meetings, School of Nursing Assembly meetings, university or school committees, and the DNP Faculty meetings.

5. Will be available for student counseling and advising as required.

Scholarship and Creative Activity

6. Draws on extant literature to design evidence-based teaching and evaluation practices.

7. Demonstrates qualities of a scholar: integrity, courage, perseverance, vitality and creativity.

8. Engages in scholarly activities reflecting dissemination and professional peer review.

Creates a dynamic, learner-centered environment that supports the diverse learning needs of the student population and that is based on educational theory, and evidence-based teaching practices.
Models reflective and critical thinking and serves as a coach and mentor for students; confers with them on their progress and assists them in the development of learning plans to facilitate successful achievement of course objectives;
Provides input for course review, student evaluations and recommendations for change.
Successfully completes mandatory three-week asynchronous facilitated online teaching orientation that takes place prior to first semester of teaching
Reviews written and video assignments and provides appropriate, timely, written feedback; documents student progress in designated electronic forms and if necessary, provides a learning plan for the attainment of objectives.
Evaluates learner performance and provides ongoing feedback to students on attainment of course objectives.
Apprises students of their progress in the course on a regular basis and for those who are not meeting expectations, establishes a mutual learning plan to achieve stated goals.
Submits required attendance reports and grades to the Registrar by the appointed date in the Academic Calendar.
Notifies DNP Program Director of at-risk students as soon as identified and at least weekly thereafter.

Earned Doctorate from an accredited institution of higher education
Specialization in area of teaching responsibility
Current RN Licensure Documented high quality teaching experience of at least three years

The physical requirement described below represents those that must be met by a faculty member to perform the essential components of their job in a successful manner. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly asked to:
Express or exchange ideas by means of the spoken, written, and electronic word and receive detailed information through verbal communication.

Basic Computer Operations: Creates and manipulates documents, manages files and folders, and works with multiple windows.
Network Connectivity: Establishes network connections on personal computers or mobile devices
Multimedia: Works with integrated audio and video devices for real-time communications or content recording
Navigating online course space: Locates critical course elements, such as syllabus, lessons, grade book, and e-mail
Course Communication Tools: Converses via email, chat, web conferencing, discussion forums, and announcements as needed.
Manage Course Members and Collaboration Groups: Sets-up and manages teams/groups within a course and adds instructors, teaching assistants, and outside guests with the appropriate permissions.
Content Management: Upload

The University has an institution-wide commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion. We strive to build a welcoming and supportive campus environment, and acknowledge that diversity is an educational imperative to achieve excellence.


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