SMU Job Board Listings

Aug. 1, 2018SMU-1805754-Instructor-Occupational Therapy (Oakland Campus)Occupational TherapyFaculty Oakland
Aug. 2, 2018SMU-1814318-Open Rank, Regular Faculty Nursing Community Health w/ Multi-Specialty (Oakland Campus)Nursing (ELMSN)Faculty Oakland
Aug. 2, 2018SMU-1814322-Open Rank, Regular Faculty Nursing Community Health w/ Multi-Specialty (Sacramento Campus)Nursing (ABSN)Faculty Sacramento
Aug. 2, 2018SMU-1814343-Open Rank, Regular Pre-licensure Academic Director (Sacramento Campus)NursingFaculty Sacramento
Aug. 8, 2018SMU-1812179-Instructor-Public Health (Oakland Campus)Nursing (RN to BSN)Faculty Oakland
Aug. 10, 2018CaregiverHROff Campus
Aug. 21, 2018Cargiver-Variety of days and hoursHuman ResourcesOff Campus Off Campus
Aug. 28, 2018Work Study Student-Office AssistantOccupational TherapyOn Campus Oakland
Aug. 31, 2018SMU-1817559-Open Rank, Annual FNP Nursing Faculty (Sacramento Campus)Nursing (FNP)Faculty Sacramento
Sep. 11, 2018SMU-1818214-Full Time Faculty-Family Nurse Practitioner (Oakland Campus)Nursing (FNP)Faculty Oakland
Sep. 13, 2018SMU-1818339-Open Rank, Adjunct Faculty (RN to BSN program)Nursing (RN to BSN)Faculty Other
Sep. 20, 2018SMU-1817497-Administrative Assistant III (Oakland Campus)Nursing (CM & DNP)Staff Oakland
Oct. 3, 2018SMU-1819973-SMU-HSSC Services Coordinator-Health Science Simulation Center (Oakland Campus)Health Science Simulation CenterStaff Oakland
Oct. 17, 2018SMU-1820968-Special Assistant to the Dean for Clinical AffairsNursing (Dean)Faculty Other
Oct. 18, 2018SMU-1811903-Nursing Adjunct Faculty (Sacramento Campus)NursingFaculty Sacramento

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