SMU Job Board Listings

Jan. 14, 2016 SMU-Clinical Public Health Instructor - RN to BSN Program (Sacramento Campus)NursingFaculty
May. 21, 2015 SMU-Occupational Therapy - Adjunct Faculty - Fieldwork Coordinator AssistantOccupational TherapyFaculty
Apr. 11, 2014Adjunct Instructor-CSPMCSPMFaculty
Dec. 10, 2014Business Planning Analyst-Part timeOffice of the PresidentStaff
Nov. 25, 2014Campus Service Center-Workstudy StudentCampus Service CenterOn Campus
Apr. 25, 2016Child CaretakerHROff Campus
May. 15, 2013Clinical Nurse Instructor-Pediatric SpecialtyNursingFaculty
Sep. 9, 2014Occupational Therapy-Student employmentOccupational TherapyOn Campus
May. 20, 2014Office Assistant-Work study studentOccupational TherapyOn Campus
Apr. 19, 2016SMU - Full Time Nursing Faculty (Multi-Speciality with Mental Health)NursingFaculty
Mar. 28, 2016SMU - Full Time Nursing Faculty-Community Health Specialty (Oakland Campus)NursingFaculty
Dec. 12, 2014SMU - Managing Director-San Francisco Peninsula Learning CenterNursingFaculty
Nov. 23, 2015SMU - Research Assistant (Temporary)Academic AffairsStaff
Dec. 14, 2015SMU-Academic Fieldwork CoordinatorOccupational TherapyFaculty
Mar. 25, 2016SMU-Adjunct Assistant Professor - Basic SciencesBasic SciencesFaculty