SMU Job Board Listings

Sep. 28, 2015Work Study Student Office AssistantSchool of NursingOn Campus
Aug. 26, 2014T. A. Lab AssistantPhysician AssistantOn Campus
Jul. 6, 2015Work Study Student-Occupational TherapyOccupational Therapy On Campus
Sep. 9, 2014Occupational Therapy-Student employmentOccupational TherapyOn Campus
May. 20, 2014Office Assistant-Work study studentOccupational TherapyOn Campus
Jan. 8, 2014Work Study Student Assistant-Media ServiceMedia ServicesOn Campus
Sep. 2, 2015Work Study Assistant, ITInformation Technology ServiceOn Campus
Apr. 25, 2016Child CaretakerHROff Campus
Jun. 1, 2015Work Study or Teacher AssistantHealth Science Simulation CentOn Campus
Apr. 7, 2014Work Study Student-Office AssistantFinanceOn Campus
Oct. 1, 2013Work Study-Office Assistant-HECFacilitiesOn Campus
Nov. 25, 2014Campus Service Center-Workstudy StudentCampus Service CenterOn Campus
Oct. 28, 2014Work Study-Math TutorAcademic and Disability SupporOn Campus