Limiting Your CINAHL Search Results

CINAHL offers many ways to limit your search results, including by peer-reviewed journals, nurse authors, randomized controlled trials, date range, language and more.

Follow the steps below to limit your search results. We suggest you NOT use the full-text limit, which would limit your results to only full-text articles available in CINAHL and wouldn't include the full-text journal articles available through the SMU Library using the Find It @ SMU link.

Step 1. Perform your search.

Step 2: Click the "Edit" option to the right of the search set you want to limit.

Step 3: The "Edit Search" screen will appear. Scroll down to the "Limit your results" section.

Step 4: Review and select the limits you would like to apply to your search. Examples of commonly used limits are noted in the illustration below.

  • You can select multiple limits, but selecting too many limits may narrow your search too much. You may want to start with selecting one limit and then clicking "Edit" again to add and view results for each additional limit. You can also use "Edit" to remove limits.
  • Note the warning for full-text limit. Using this option will limit to full-text only available in CINAHL and will exclude many full-text articles available through SMU Library.

Step 5: Scroll back to the top of the "Edit Search" screen and click the "Save" button to apply your limits to your search.

Step 6: After clicking "Save", a smaller number of search results are displayed.

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